External stimulus such as electrostatic discharge (ESD), impact, or friction to energetic material may result in initiation of the material. Unexpected initiation can have severe consequences including loss of equipment, damage to facilities, and even injury or death of personnel. Whether its cleaning, transporting, storing, or processing energetic material, the types of tools and equipment used should be evaluated carefully.

Safety Management Services (SMS) offers a wide range of conductive plastic hand tools to aid companies in decreasing the risk of ignition of energetic material. The conductive nature of these tools allows them to be easily grounded directly through the personnel handling them or through a ground wire if needed. The carbon impregnated in the tools helps to retain conductivity during use, resulting in static buildup being kept to a minimum and prevention of ESD. The chemical-resistant polypropylene construction also reduces the likelihood of an impact or friction related initiation due to the low compressive yield strength of the tooling. The conductive plastic tools and can improve efficiency by reducing the need for frequent replacement.

SMS ensures our tools are compliant with standards set by the Electrostatic Discharge Association (ESDA) by being conductive to less than 105 ohms (ESD TR53-01-18). Our ergonomic design also aids workers and personnel in handling energetic material in the safest and easiest way possible.

In addition to having the right tools it is also important to understand the nature of the energetic materials. Understanding sensitivities and reactivities of materials can help a company make wise decisions on the types of tools necessary for the job. SMS can provide dust testing, impact sensitivity testing, friction sensitivity testing, and ESD sensitivity testing amongst others to best advise your organization on how they could improve the safety of their processes.