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List of Technical Presentations given by SMS at various meeting and conferences.
List of useful papers and documents regarding explosive safety and testing.

The ET Users’ Group exists to facilitate improving and standardizing in-process material response characterization methods. We meet annually to accomplish the objectives of the Charter given below.

The ET Users’ Group will collaborate to systematically minimize the variability associated with energetic materials testing to enable consistent/repeatable test data and interpretation of test results. This will be accomplished by:
1) Developing procedures and methods
2) Applying technologies
3) Reaching consensus
4) Performing periodic “Round Robin” test series on standard materials

Description of the explosive safety fundamentals that are important to any energetic material operation
Explosives sensitivity testing statistical evaluation

Safety Management Services, Inc. (SMS™) has decades of experience in the explosives field and has developed an extensive library of useful resources. Some of these resources are provided online. For any questions that you may have please feel free to give us a call or contact us through our website.