Document Library

“In-Process Hazard Classification of Explosives”. This paper gives a general procedure to classify the hazards of an energetic material at various stages of processing. The procedure incorporates standard DoD and DOT tests where applicable and other tests accepted by industry. PDF format, 2016.

“SBAT Paper and Presentation”. This paper and presentation give information on the advantages of using the SBAT to determine thermal properties of substances. PDF format, July 2010 (1.1 MB).

“GoDetect-ESDTM Presentation”. This presentation given at the 2011 ET User’s Group Conference gives a brief synopsis of the GoDetect-ESDTM software system. PDF format, October 2011 (700 KB).

“Standard Required Information for Testing”. This form lists the basic information that must be provided to SMS for testing consideration. PDF format, September 2002 (74 KB).

“SMS Capabilities Summary”. A three-page summary of our capabilities in PDF format, April 2002 (77 KB).

“Data Guides”. Over the years, a series of data guides and technical notes have been published as a service to our customers and associates. We have updated these documents and included additional information about our services in PDF format, July 1999 (7.3 MB).

“Chart Significance Method and PROBIT Comparisons”. A summary of SMS’s developed Chart Significance Method and PROBIT comparisons in PDF format, January 2012 (1.0 MB).

A list of other Technical Presentations is available here.