D3 Operational Support

Decommissioning, decontamination, and demolition (D3) of facilities used for the processing of energetic materials requires a unique explosives-safety skill set. Energetic materials and compositions can accumulate over time within process equipment, ventilation systems, process and vacuum piping, electrical equipment, drains and sumps, and other hidden spaces, therefore posing considerable potential risk to personnel performing D3 operations.

SMS has developed safe and reliable risk management systems to assess, categorize, decontaminate, disassemble equipment, and demolish such facilities. SMS has evaluated the suitability of various technologies for remote pipe cutting, borescope inspection, thermal and/or chemical treatment, and destruction in place. Whether items are meant for reuse, recycle, or disposal, SMS can lead or assist your team to perform D3 activities in a safe and efficient manner.

We have successfully applied our risk-based approach to a wide variety of D3 operations. SMS provided key safety and design support for the D3 operations of the Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne (PWR) Chemical Systems Division manufacturing facility located in San Jose, California (2004 – 2009). The PWR facility consisted of over 230 structures on 5,200 acres. Utilizing systematic risk management, all high-hazard buildings with associated processing equipment have been safely removed, requiring over 900,000 man hours worked under difficult and challenging circumstances with no Lost Time injuries. Click here to read more on the details of the D3 work completed at the PWR facility.

D3 activities may provide sufficient energy for electrostatic discharge (ESD), friction, impact, or thermal stimulus to cause ignition (flame) or initiation (shock) of energetic materials. D3 operations render equipment, facilities, etc. safe from explosive hazards, and facilitates reuse, recycle, or disposal.

Scope of Each D3 Phase