Facility Siting and Design Experience

Facility Siting Project for Static Launch Vehicle Operations

  • Static test stands were reviewed and analyzed for facility siting issues, potential safety hazards during storage (compatibility)
  • Remote control stations evaluated for compliance with required protection levels
  • Run tanks evaluated for key safety features that can reduce risk in the event of a mishap
  • Quantity-Distance (QD) calculations performed based on equivalent net explosive weight (NEW) as derived from tank and vessel capacities provided by customer
    • Determination of accurate density values for cryogenic liquids and other fuels, oxidizers
    • Fragment throw distance determination based on empirical testing and accident data
    • Developed outline of QD issues of concern with proposed action(s) to address each issue
  • Integrated fire protection, fire detection methods and withdrawal distances into written report due to high fire hazards and highly toxic materials at the site
  • Site maps for each area developed to include potential explosion sites (PESs), exposed sites (ESs) and relevant QD arcs