Electrical Classification

Proper design of electrical equipment is important in minimizing the probability of electrical hazards such as sparking, shorting, arcing, or localized initiation of out-of-place energetic/ combustible material. The electrical classification approach utilized by SMS includes the following:

  1. Determine National Electric Code (NEC) hazardous material in each building and bay
  2. Determine NEC classification for identified hazardous materials
  3. Identify materials that are not classified as NEC hazardous materials, but may still present a hazard to electrical equipment
  4. Define all hazards relating to the identified hazardous materials
  5. Determine safeguards in place to prevent/ mitigate the effects of the identified hazards or evaluate credibility of defined hazards
  6. Issue electrical equipment recommendations to prevent/ mitigate hazards, accounting for safeguards and design safety

In determining electrical equipment recommendations, emphasis is placed on 1) minimizing penetration of material into electrical equipment or enclosures, 2) minimizing exposure of threads to energetic material, and 3) limiting equipment/ enclosure surface temperatures to prevent thermal initiation of energetic/ combustible material.