incident investigation

Incident Investigation

Unfortunately, even companies with the best safety program experience accidents and must deal with an investigation into the root causes. Some accidents leave very clear trails of evidence to their root causes. Others leave very few clues due to destruction or loss of evidence. When this occurs only a very detailed and careful reconstruction of the situation can result in identification of the root causes and the “most credible scenario.”

SMS personnel have extensive experience in participating with and leading incident investigations in the explosives, chemical, and manufacturing industries. We specialize in root cause analysis, reconstruction of events, and development of incident scenarios. SMS personnel are very versatile and can be quickly mobilized to your facility should the need arise.

Incident investigation is a component of both Process Safety Management (PSM) and Risk Management Programs (RMP). Our incident investigation services may be used independently or in conjunction with our process hazards analysis, explosive characterization, facility siting, and other analysis services. Additionally, SMS offers training courses on the fundamental techniques used in explosives sensitivity testing and hazards analysis.