SMS Tabletop ABL Friction Machine

Safety Management Services, Inc. (SMS™) manufactures an SMS Tabletop ABL Friction Test Machine as an economical alternative to the SMS ABL Friction Test Machine. Like the SMS ABL Friction Test Machine, the SMS Tabletop ABL Friction Test Machine also provides in-house testing to determine the energy required to initiate a sample by friction energy application.
The SMS Tabletop ABL Friction Test Machine reduces cost and size by eliminating the low speed drive used when testing extremely sensitive materials. The majority of tests that are run using the ABL Friction Test Machine do not require the use of the low speed drive because the sensitivity level can be found at the velocities created by the pendulum. The smaller size of the test apparatus allows it to be mounted to any stable workbench or table.
The primary parts of the test apparatus are similar to the ABL Friction Test Machine and include a moving anvil, stationary wheel, and swinging pendulum. The test sample is placed on the moving anvil and the stationary wheel is lowered, using a hydraulic ram, until it pinches the sample against the moving anvil. A specified load, indicated by a digital readout on the main junction box, is applied to the sample by the stationary wheel. The swinging anvil is raised to one of four indicated heights and released, striking the moving anvil. The moving anvil travels a distance of approximately one inch, moving the sample underneath the stationary wheel. Depending on the height of the pendulum, the anvil moves at a calibrated maximum velocity of 3, 4, 6, or 8 ft/sec. After testing, engineering units for the sensitivity results are easily obtained.
Sample initiation is determined by production of smoke, fire or an audible pop. Gas detection by infrared sampling analysis is also possible. The SMS Tabletop ABL Friction Test Machine can be pared with GoDetect™ System to increase reaction detection efficiency.