GoDetect-ESD Advanced

GoDetect-ESDTM Advanced analyzes the data files produced by GoDetect-ESDTM to yield valuable information about the material, testing results, and ESD machine. From the generated summary files (for both background and trial shots) the following analysis can be performed:

  • Machine variability and potential drift
  • Substance variability and potential drift
  • Type I and Type II error
  • PROBIT plots

Evaluation of the machine variability and potential drift over time can indicate a potential problem with a machine component or indicate cyclical variations. With the Advanced software package, the information from the background data from each test day for each energy level is plotted with the click of a button for easy review. Likewise, an analysis giving the sensitivity of a given material as a function of time may indicate a shift in the material’s characteristics.

GoDetect-ESD Advanced

Type I and Type II error are an indication of the reliability of the data obtained with the GoDetect-ESDTM software system. Type I error is the probability of a No-Go reaction being identified as a Go reaction whereas Type II error is an indication of the opposite. Knowing the Type I and II errors give an indication of the accuracy of the reaction determination as a function of the material tested. Coupling the Type I and Type II error reports with a PROBIT or other reactivity assessment can lead to better extrapolation of the reaction probability when applied to in-process risk evaluations.

A PROBIT plots the stimulus energy versus the probability of a reaction. PROBIT plots are used when comparing different samples or for comparing in-process energies to the material response to evaluate the associated in-process risk. The PROBIT analysis is conveniently given in an Excel spreadsheet which is automatically completed upon execution of GoDetect-ESDTM Advanced.