GoDetect-ESDTM was developed at Safety Management Services, Inc. (SMS) to facilitate the reaction detection during sensitivity testing with the ABL-ESD test machine. Use of GoDetect-ESDTM results in

  • Significant reduction in test time
  • Reduction or Elimination of operator subjectivity of reaction determination
  • High-speed test videos recorded and stored
  • Quantified reaction results documented
  • Test data that can yield machine variability or drift
  • Test data can be used to obtain material variability or drift
  • A summary of the reaction probability

In the past, operators would make a determination of whether or not a trial at a given ESD energy resulted in a Go or No-Go. An operator’s determination was subjective and could not be quantified. With GoDetect-ESDTM a quantified determination of the trial result is obtained from image analysis that compares multiple image properties of the trial to multiple background (no material present) runs. The four indicators used to quantify the light emitted are

  • Brightness
  • Buoyancy
  • Shape
  • Uniformity

A linear combination of each of the quantified indicators is used to characterize a trial. At least twenty-five background trails at each energy level are recorded and analyzed. The summarized quantified information from the background runs are used to determine whether or not a trial run is a Go or a No-Go reaction. That is, the linear combination of the four above quantified indicators of the trial run is compared against the background data to yield a Go or a No-Go indication.

The GoDetect-ESDTM software is a Labview based stand-alone program that can analyze high-speed images in the CINE file format. The CINE file format was developed by Vision Research (http://www.visionresearch.com/). The basic steps for completing testing are

  • Setup Camera
  • Collect Background Runs at Given ESD Energy
  • Complete Trial Runs at Given ESD Energy

The systematic order used to file the high-speed video data files is useful for future reviewing of results or re-analysis of past results. When the program is run, summary files of the background data and trial results are created, filed and easily accessed.

The GoDetect-ESDTM system has been successfully tested with various energetic materials not limited to smokeless powders, black powder, flash powders, PETN, and ammonium perchlorate.

For further information, a pdf of the presentation discussing GoDetect-ESD at the 2011 ET User’s Group meeting can be downloaded from the Document Library.