SMS MBOM Impact Machine

Safety Management Services, Inc. (SMS™) manufactures an Impact Test Machine for clients who require in-house testing capability to determine energetic material response to impact energy stimulus.  The SMS Impact machine is capable of running the Modified Bureau of Mines (MBOM), Bureau of Explosives (BOE), and Type 12 impact tests.  These are the industries core impact sensitivity tests for producing energetic material sensitivity data.

The SMS™ Impact machine has been modernized to use a Logic Controller and a linear drive unit to adjust the drop height, integrate safety features, and minimize operator error through the use of touch screen operations.  The logic controls allow for engineered safety features to be implemented as well as reducing operator dependent variables for increased result reliability and improved operator ergonomics.

Reaction of the material (go vs. no-go) is determined by operator observation, detection of decomposition by a gas analyzer, or utilizing the SMS developed GoDetect-View™ high speed video capture system.  The MBOM Impact test is capable of producing sensitivity data in engineering units for direct correlation to in-process energy. The sensitivity data is used to determine critical safety parameters related to manufacturing and handling of the materials being tested.

The MBOM Impact machine produced by SMS has been adopted by both the UN and the ET Users’ Group (Explosive Testing Users’ Group, due to the following:

  • Compliance to established industry standards for test methodology
  • Applicability to historical data
  • High level of fabrication controls (i.e. flatness, hardness, surface finish)
  • Capable of producing data in engineering units for in-process energy comparison
  • Standardized operating procedures for controlling test variables
  • Equipment calibration
  • Verified and repeatable test results through a lab validation process

For the SMS produced MBOM Impact Machine technical parameters click here.