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SMS has extensive testing capabilities for characterization of explosives and hazardous materials. SMS personnel are intimately familiar with test methodologies, equipment, data acquisition, and data evaluation.
SMS is an approved and authorized Examining Agency to perform explosives and other hazardous materials examination services. These services are for determining the DOT transportation classification, including the proper shipping name, hazard class and division, and compatibility group for explosive substances and articles.
The DOT, BATF, and DoD classification systems, when used in combination with other recognized tests, may be used to produce a systematic approach to classifying in-process explosive materials. In-process classifications are useful since an explosive will typically provide the same or greater level of hazard in a manufacturing operation than in a shipping or storage configuration, where the classification is known. Therefore, the manufacturer or processor of explosive materials may be under assessing the hazard of the explosives in their processes by solely using the transportation and storage classifications as a guide. Alternatively, an explosives manufacturer may assume that in-process operations always represent a high explosive hazard. This approach may lead to unwarranted restrictions or expense for some operations. Understanding the characteristics of the in-process material ensures that proper safety requirements are addressed early in the designing and planning stages of a production line.
SMS has partnered with the Tooele Army Depot (TEAD) to yield a very capable test site to perform large-scale and small-scale tests of energetic substances and articles. The TEAD/SMS partnership provides a unique set of capabilities for government and commercial clients.
SMS has significant resources to accomplish DOT/DOD testing for Class 1 (explosive), Class 4 (Flammable Solids), and Class 5 (Oxidizing Agents and Organic Peroxides). Visit the Testing Assets page to learn more.
SMS has been successful at modeling pressurized vessels and predicting fragment velocities upon bursting. We have modeled heat transfer, propellant kinetics, gas pressurization, and material yielding and fracturing. SMS is proficient at using BlastX Analysis to estimate the force on structures from an explosive blast. SMS is also comfortable using similar software solutions such as FRANG to further estimate the effects of a blast within a room.
Safety Management Services, Inc. has the capability to obtain high-speed images of explosions showing the resultant metal morphology as the metal deforms and expands. SMS can provide such services for a wide variety of applications and sizes.

Safety Management Services, Inc. (SMS™) has decades of experience testing energetic substances and articles. We offer a variety of explosives testing resources and we are one of five laboratories authorized by the Department of Transportation to recommend shipping classifications for Class 1 substances and articles.

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