Advanced Explosives Site Plan Training

This course uses lecture, discussion, and workshops to provide an in-depth knowledge of explosives site plans (ESPs). Students will be immersed in quantity distance (QD) tables, criteria, and calculations used in DOD 4145.26M. Students will learn to perform in-depth evaluations of ESP scenarios based on real-world examples and prepare required site plan documentation. The course will review mitigation strategies used to reduce risk and address regulatory compliance issues. Students will also learn how to apply maximum credible event (MCE) analysis and integrate other analyses into ESP documentation to promote understanding for a smooth approval process.

Course Content:

  • Review of basic explosives safety siting principles
  • In-process classification
  • QD application workshops
  • Facility siting principles
  • DoD 4145.26-M
  • QD calculation theory
  • Site plan templates and examples
  • Shipping configuration
  • ETUG and GHS overview
  • Explosion effects and consequences
  • Barricade benefits
  • Primary explosive handling