Electrical Classification, Hazards, and Protection Training

This course is intended as a trainer level course to provide those attending this course with the skills and knowledge to take this information and train other staff within their respective organizations on the electrical classification, standards, compliance, and industry practice as it relates to electrical equipment in hazardous areas. This course addresses the unique aspects of the electrical protection required to meet the NFPA, IEC, NEC, and ATEX standards for processes involving flammable vapors, liquids or gases, or combustible dust or fibers which may present the likelihood that a flammable or combustible concentration or quantity is present. This course will address the different materials that need to be classified, how to select the proper division/zone, and the process for selecting and maintaining the appropriate hardware for use in the associated areas along with documenting the process for regulatory compliance. Emphasis will be given to the benefits of implementing explosives safety protocol in conjunction with a PSM system (e.g., improved safety, enhanced product quality, cost avoidance, etc.).

Course Content:

  • Defining Hazardous locations per the regulation
  • Class and Division criteria
  • Safeguarding based on defined NFPA Class and Division
  • Approved equipment and limitations
  • Application of various requirements for installation
  • Documentation and Hazardous zone communication
  • ATEX IP Code, Category, etc.
  • NEMA, UL, CSA ratings
  • IEC and IP classification
  • ATEX marking standards
  • Documentation Requirements for PSM
  • Workshops and application of course content