Fundamentals of Explosives Testing

This course presents testing protocol and standards for energetic (explosive) materials for transportation, storage, facility siting, and in-process classification and characterization. The course begins with a discussion on the heritage of explosives testing before focusing on various test methods and standards. The course includes examples and case studies that demonstrate the application of material characterization to risk management. This course is designed for managers, engineers, safety professionals, and those involved in Process Safety Management (PSM) programs. Participants will leave the course with a deeper understanding of the elements of material characterization testing and the skills to incorporate discussed ideas into energetic processes.

Course Content:

  • Explosives testing heritage
  • Sensitivity & reactivity testing
  • UN/DOT & ATF hazard classification and test standards
  • In-process classification
  • Material characterization
  • Shipping classification
  • Facility siting/ATF license
  • Test equipment information
  • Explosives Testing Users’ Group (ETUG)