Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) Training for Team Leaders

This course consists of a combination of lecture and practical workshop exercises to allow participants to become familiar with the PSM requirements related to PHAs, selection of the appropriate PHA methodology(s), and how to effectively lead a PHA team. The unique aspects of propellant, explosives, and pyrotechnic (PEP) manufacturing/processing will be emphasized as PHA methodologies are discussed throughout the course. Participants will learn to organize and lead hazard analysis studies using the various PHA techniques. The course will address the tactics and success factors that help ensure a successful study. Participants will work in groups to apply PHA methodologies to example energetic material processes. Instructors will work closely with the participants throughout this session/workshop to ensure that key principles are understood. By applying the PHA methodologies to practical example processes, the participants will internalize the principles learned and gain added insight to the value of performing proper PHAs at their facilities.

Course Content:

  • Regulatory PHA Requirements
  • Preparing and Organizing PHA Studies
  • Subdividing the Process for Study
  • Determining appropriate PHA methodology
  • Leadership Skills for Managing the Team
  • Applying Qualitative & Quantitative PHA Methodologies
  • Design Intent, Parameters and Deviations
  • Human Factors
  • Material Characterization Test Data
  • How to document a PHA study
  • PHA Report Preparation & Approval process
  • Managing the Follow-up of PHA Results